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Millennial job seekers are getting tattoos removed, and new methods are more effective than ever 

Rochester Democrat & Chronicle | May 2017


Inside look at how to erase an unwanted tattoo

13WHAM FOX Rochester | March 2017

Joshua Weitz, M.D., Owner

Dr Josh Weitz Tattoo Removal Rochester NY Tat Erase'Dr Josh,' as he is affectionately called by his team and clients is a physician entrepreneur who, with his best friend and  dermatologist, long-wished to create a space where tattoo removal can be performed in comfort. 

As a result, Tat Erase is the love child of years of planning and designing to create a truly comfortable space where state-of-the-art laser technology meets a unique blend of class and luxury. Having a profound appreciation for ink and artwork, he seeks to support local artists as many clients wish to have cover-ups, new pieces added or additional work done.  


Nikki Santo, Nurse and Laser Specialist

Nikki Santo Tattoo Removal Rochester NY Tat Erase

"Nurse Nikki" is as tenacious as they come, and her get-it-done attitude is what lead her to Tat Erase. After nearly 20 years in the medical field, Nikki has served in roles involving patient care, DNA diagnostic testing, stress tests in a nuclear lab, and assisting an anesthesiologist. So naturally, laser tattoo removal was the only badass venture uncovered. 

Her 20+ tattoos tell her story of personal treasures, triumphs, and travesties, making her who she is. “I can relate to the clients when they get some unique ink, and then getting it removed or lightened to open up space for more ink to continue our body art story.” Need a recommendation on a local shop? Nikki’s gone to almost all of them.